Alternative Kudat Cbet Collection


Malaysian partners of the ADB(Asia Development Bank) and GEF-supported Coral Triangle Initiative – Southeast Asia project share their experiences in putting up a community-based ecotourism program in Kudat, Sabah.

Last year, we had the privilege of exploring an amazing, untouched side of Kudat. It was wonderful to see the Alternative Kudat Collective Collection brought to life through the hard work of the local community from selected villages. The collective aims to provide villagers with opportunities to participate in Eco-tourism activities for a sustainable future.

Thank you Asian Development Bank for giving us the chance to dance with the Rungus tribe of Kampung Loro Kecil, hike the waterfalls of Banggi Island and make batik by the waves in Kampung Tajau Laut!

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Commissioned by ADB
Produce by Schizo Stars Sdn Bhd
Directed by Andy Chia
Editor : Karen Chin
Script : Mahayuddin
Drone Pilot : Yvonne Chin & Andy Chia
Photography : Lim Sheng Haw
Project Manager : Rosalie Corpuz, Sustainable Ecotourism Specialist
Assistant Project Managet : Eddy Chia
Logistic : Junaidi Awang & Siti Noraida
Sound & second editor : Yvonne Chin