With direct flights to Sabah, Malaysia, there is certainly no excuse to miss out on a trip to Kota Kinabalu, a popular tourist destination from all over the world.

Conveniently located near the city, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is a favoured choice for many, especially for those wanting to spend some time basking in the sun, or take on the underwater sights while snorkelling or scuba diving in the South China Sea.

On this trip, we hopped on board with EXCEL DIVE & TOURS to film a few of their PADI Open Water Scuba Diving students during their first trip here. Watch as we get caught up in their excitement while they donned scuba gear for the very first time as they learnt the basic skills needed to continue their journey exploring the mystifying underwater world.

And, it was such a bright & sunny day that we looked at each other and smiled. We knew what each other were thinking. “Let’s fly,” I said.

Hearts were thumping as we had barely taken flight when the wind started picking up. “No worries,” my friend joked. “If anything happens, you’ll have the divers to retrieve it.” Despite the wind, and after a few attempts, we managed to get our shots, both above and underwater 🙂

It was a fantastic day of filming for us, and most importantly, everyone was having fun! One of our favourite part was filming just under the jetty at Sapi Island, where the divers had their first experience of swimming around the pillars. It was a buzz of excitement both for them and the fishes! So come and discover Borneo with us!