Sheer Diving Pleasure

The morning started out with a light drizzle but then a rainbow appeared and we had a nice view of the sunrise on our way to Sipadan. Everyone was in high spirits despite the not-so-perfect weather and was optimistic about our dives at one of the world’s famous diving destination. Just two nights ago, Reuben, the group leader, approached me about getting their own dive video. There were eleven of them, and they had secured their permit to dive at Sipadan on the 12th of May, 2014.

They were indeed a fun bunch to film, with lots of smiling faces and quirky antiques (note what happens to Mando during the dive briefing). We were surprised first by the feisty barracudas before bumping (excuse the pun) into a school of bump head parrotfishes at our first dive site named Coral Garden. The next big thing that surprised us were the jacks which just bolted past (and all around) us, leaving everyone (or me, at least) feeling a little bit exhilirated.