Sipadan Mabul Seaventures DIve Resort

Filming Seaventures brought back lots of fond memories. It is the place I first started to pick up filming, white balance off, awful composition and no storyline what so ever. I still vividly remembered my first dive with the camera. I fell in love with underwater videography and filming straight away until now. Very proud to see the progress I have made and looking forward to improving myself and coming here as often as I could to meet the wonderful crew, experience it’s 1st class diving, right below the rig and of cause as a base to Sipadan diving. People come and go, things change, we age, but somehow, Seaventure’s magic is ever so faithful.
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Videographer : Andy Chia, Alex Wong, Jocelyn Hoon, Jonatan Sanchez
Editor : Andy Chia
Aerial : Andy Chia & Alex Wong
Graphic and design : Karen Chin
Music : Tony Anderson
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.