September 6, 2015

Vacancy for Underwater Videographer

Underwater videographer to film resort guest diving around Sipadan or Mabul area and editing video clips for sale as souvenir.
We are looking for underwater videographer to base at Malaysia, Sabah,Mabul Island. .You need to be :-
-Have knowledge in handling video camera or DSLR camera
-Able to work alone and good in a team
-Fast learner and innovative
-Love the Ocean ( most important) and the underwater world
-Good in communication skills
You need to be at least a PADI Divemater, Instructor or similar from other dive school and have minimum of 80-100 dives.
You will have a basic salaries with commission on DVD sales. Food and accommodation are provided by the resort. You will be having buffet meal with the guestWe will give you a full training in underwater filming and editing. It’s a 10 days intensive course.
Your job is to film resort’s guest diving at Sipadan or Mabul and edit the video into a short (18-20 minutes highlight film) on a same day and try to sell to them in the everning. You will be doing maximum of 3 dives a day.

DO NOT apply for this job if you do not have a diving license or if you are only a certified Open Water or Advance diver.

This is a full time job base full time on Mabul island. Training will be given at Kota Kinabalu. If you have experience in filming and editing that will be a bonus.

Salary ~RM2000-3000 (this is a commission base job) you will get a basic plus commission on sales of DVD and equipments rental

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